Section 08 Horizontal Stabilizer (finished)

Section 8 Start: 15.02.2017, Section End: 05.06.2017

Began with the Horizontal Stabilizer (HS). Prepared some Stock (edge deburring, flange straightening) and created two sets of cradles for holding the both HS halfes alligned.

Page 8-1 to Page 8-5
Started again with prepairing the edges, lightning holes and the powder coated HS-912 hinge bracket. Fabricated the HS-1008L+R left and right front spar attachment brackets, which are very critical regarding the hole spacing. As I had a dent in the VS skin I now agressivly rounded out the nose ribs and had no dents to the outside of the skin this time.
Like in the plans I created the jigs for the horizontal stab skin to hold them upright positioned.

Nach dem Entgraten aller Teile des Höhenleitwerks folgt das Bohren der Löcher auf Maß. Jedes Bauteil erhält dadurch seine zugeordnete Position. Anschließend wird nach dem setzen der Bohrungen jedes Bauteil hierfür nummeriert! Dann wird die Baugruppe zerlegt um alle Bohrungen von beiden Seiten zu entgraten.

Some photos of the horizontal stabilizer preparation and riveting process

  • HS nose rib riveted
  • HS deburring with Permagrit Tool
  • Riveting HS rear spar to skin with the pneumatic squeezer
  • My son Mathis helps riveting
  • Bucking bar inside the HS with rivet gauge
  • Building the HS attachment brackets
  • Building the HS attachment brackets
  • Horizontal Stabilizer gigs built
  • Horizontal Stabilizer drawing
  • Horizontal Stabilizer drawing
  • HS deburring