Section 09 Elevator RV-10

17.07. – 28.07.2017 9h

Prepared the RV-10 parts for the elevator. Deburred all edges and holes. Clecoed all the sceleton parts together. Working on both right and left elevators. Frank is cutting the foam ribs for the trim rudder.

Sometimes I add a video, which I also post to Facebook or YouTube. Just for aviation interested people, who are following my project.

Video Elevator build start

Section 10.1 ADAHRS installation

Avionics: Fabricating the ADAHRS bracket

I copied a method somebody showed on the Matronics List in the RV-10 tread. As I read in the Sky View installation manuel, you have to be sure to mount the ADAHRS somewhere as far away as possible from iron metal parts. Otherwise the internal compass in the ADAHRS could show wrong directions…
Now that I know that Van´s provide a ADAHRS-Bracket, I will order this vs. the DIY version. Much less work for me…